What are Aesthetic Services?

Aesthetic services are those that correct or improve an area of the body, with special attention to face, neck, and upper chest.

If you're tired of the hassle of shaving, waxing, or threading, Dr. Sarma can eliminate the need to shave, with a few short treatments, thereby freeing up time to do things you truly love to do. How long does it take to shave or wax? Multiply that by the number of times you spend shaving or waxing to see if laser hair removal is right for you. With Laser hair removal skin is shinier too.

Shaving Legs: 20 minutes X 5 (times per week) X 52 weeks a year = 5200 minutes per year shaving! What would you rather be doing for those 5200 minutes?

Dr. Sarma offers numerous medically effective non-surgical treatments for overall skin health, skin care and beauty. Dr. Sarma’s Laser services include:

Laser hair removal
Laser skin rejuvenation
Treatments for rosacea
Treatments for Acne
Botox -Cosmetic
Collagen Replacement Therapy
Vein treatment

If you have general dermatology concerns, Dr. Sarma will assist you in discovering the best course of treatment. Dr. Sarma incorporates a philosophy of total skin care, from a medical perspective, which will provide you with a more complete treatment success that can only come from a physician’s knowledge and supervision.

Dr. Sarma’s commitment to healthy skin (the body’s largest organ) and beauty at one facility provides for the total care of each patient.
Also consider the tattoo you thought you'd love for the rest of your life, but have since decided otherwise, now using state-of-the-art laser treatment, Dr. Sarma can erase them.

Visit Dr. Sarma’s Medical Services section for information on many of today’s top health issues.

Dr. Sarma has opened up a new clinic which supports only Aesthetic Services in Danville Ca. Please click on this link to open her Aesthetic Service site. For more information you can call
(925) 831-1324.