How lines and wrinkles form
Movement of brow muscles cause the skin to crease.
Skin becomes less elastic over time.
Repeated frowning creates visible lines.

How Botox works
A natural and purified protein relaxes the muscles by blocking nerve impulses. Once the muscles are at rest, the skin becomes smoother.

Before Botox Treatment
(maximum frown)
After Botox Treatment
(Maximum frown)

What to expect from a Botox Procedure

A simple 10-minute procedure consists of a few tiny injections
No anesthesia is required
Discomfort is minimal and brief
Full effect can take up to 2 to 3 weeks

How long do the effects last?
Effects of your Botox treatment can last from 4 to 6-months.

- After the procedure, you can resume normal activity.
- Many lines are virtually erased.
- Express yourself! Smile, frown, look surprised.

Not all Botox is the same
Dr. Sarma believes in giving you the best treatment using only the recommended dosage - saving you time and money.

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