Who looks back as you gaze into the mirror? A few more wrinkles or grey hairs, well, that’s just two of many classic signs of aging. Age is a natural transition that we will all go through, but what does it mean to our health and our body.

Time takes its toll on our muscles, bones and organs. The oldest person on record lived 122 years, though today’s average life expectancy is 77, up from 50 just a century ago.

Medical advancements and technology have come a long way; Dr. Sarma’s goal in providing senior health care is to provide individualized appropriate medical treatments to meet the special needs of senior citizens. By providing the best standards of care Dr. Sarma helps her patient’s quality of life regardless of their level of pre-existing conditions.

You’re never too old to begin living well, call for your one-on-one private consultation and find out how Dr. Sarma can assist you.