In today’s life physical or psycological libido has been brought into focus by all the attention given to Viagra and problems with men’s erectile dysfunction, however, most would probably never guess that women too suffer from sexual dysfunction.

Sexual dysfunction is rooted in both physical and psychological factors that cross all female or male boundaries and involve intimacy, desire, and arousal. No matter what factor(s) you may be encountering, they can affect you for a moment or a lifetime.

Young or old we may all have trouble with sex at some point of our lives, talking about it or getting help can be difficult. Problems are discovered by reviewing your complete history and physical condition, hormone levels, and current medications.

Physical conditions that affect sexual dysfunctions include:
Diabetes Mellitus
High blood pressure
Hormonal imbalance
Medication Side Effects
Nervous system disorders
Vascular diseases

If you think you may have a physiological condition preventing you from expressing yourself sexually Dr. Sarma has the skills and understanding to help you explore your options.