Facial veins and leg veins are created over time and for some are a normal part of aging. As we age small blood vessels just below the surface of the skin become larger and more visible. The transformation of these blood vessels can also be caused by lifestyle such as alcohol, cigarette smoking, sun damage and even oral contraceptives. Additional factors can include pregnancy, heavy lifting and prolonged standing or sitting.

The veins on the face and legs can easily be treated with laser procedures which are effective with as little as one treatment.

What is a vascular lesion?
A vascular lesion is a blood vessel(s) that has expanded below the skin. They appear in different forms, sizes and clusters anywhere on the body and are all typically red or purple in color.

Veins on the cheek (male)
Before Treatment After Treatment
Veins on back of knee (female)
Before Treatment After Treatment

What causes vein problems ?
The five key factors that contribute to such circulatory problems at midlife and beyond are as follows:

Excessive weight Prolonged standing/sitting
Hereditary Sedentary lifestyle
Pregnancy Squatting

How does Laser vein therapy work?
The laser light impacts the vessel and coagulates the blood, effectively shutting down that vessel. The laser is harmless to the rest of the skin as the light is absorbed by the target vessel.

How many treatments are required?
Certain lesions may require more than one treatment depending on their size and type. Between 25-75% of spider veins may clear with one treatment. Individual response varies with skin type and vein color.

Dr. Sarma will review your individual condition on your initial consultation.